5×4 Small Chicken Coop Plans For 8 Chickens


  • Accommodates 8 chickens
  • 2 nesting boxes
  • Roosting bars included
  • Convenient access walk-in design
  • Easy cleaning with a removable litter tray
  • Durable and predator-proof construction
  • Sufficient ventilation
  • Engineered by US-certified constructors
  • Material and shopping list with exact measurements
  • Easy to build from scratch
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Product description

This walk-in coop is small enough to fit in virtually any backyard but big enough to accommodate up to 8 chickens without feeling cramped. It features a roomy chicken house and a nesting box for your laying chickens. The interior is assembled with sturdy roosting bars for your chicken to perch and rest. 

A window has been installed into the coop to make it feel spacious and ensure your chickens get enough light to maintain peak egg production. 

For people living in areas with plenty of predators, although this coop doesn’t have a protected aviary, it is engineered to be sturdy enough for any predator to break into it. It also stands tall off the ground to keep crawling predators, like snakes, at bay. 

The underneath space serves to provide ample space where your feathered friends and pets can relax and hide from the rain. Raising the coop also ensures that your chickens have a dry and comfortable home, even during floods.

Cleaning the coop and collecting freshly laid eggs is easy because you can walk into the coop. 

Of significance, this coop is best suited for chicken growers who can ensure their chickens remain safe during the day on their property, even without having a protected aviary. 

Chicken coop specifications

5x4 Walk In Chicken Coop
Chicken run dimensions:
Chicken house dimensions:
Length: 5′-2 3/4″ Width: 4′-2 3/4″ Height: 7′-3 1/2″
Materials Cost:
$17-$24 per square foot
Plywood sheathing, wood siding boards, asphalt shingles
8 chickens

Nesting boxes:
Plywood sheathing
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Chicken run

Why our chicken coop plans are different?

money saving material list for chicken coop construction

Money-saving shopping list

We have incorporated the most cost-effective materials while giving you the highest quality coop.

Chicken coop foundation plans for structural integrity

Foundation plans for structural integrity

We have implemented concrete foundation instructions to ensure confidence, safety, and durability.

step by step instructions for chicken plans

Easy step-by-step guidance

Our plans cover all corners of your coop: from foundation to roof and every inch in between.

chicken coop with predator protection

Predator-proof design

These coop plans help avoid predators, giving your chickens a comfortable and cared-for living environment.

Blueprints for chicken coop ventilation

Blueprints for ventilation

Ventilation is included in all chicken coop designs to save your chickens from diseases or overheating.

Adequate quantity of nesting boxes

Adequate quantity of nesting boxes

 All our plans are calculated in size, giving at least one nesting box per every three hens.

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5x4 walk in chicken coop

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