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Welcome to Easy Coops™, your trusted partner in crafting the perfect haven for your feathery friends. We’re not just about providing shelter for your chickens, we’re about creating an environment that nurtures and protects them, making them feel truly at home.

Our chicken coop plans are meticulously designed with precision and clarity. You’ll find everything you need, from a comprehensive shopping list a detailed hardware and material list, to a precise cut list for wooden components. We also provide blueprints with step-by-step instructions, complete with vivid diagrams, to ensure you’re always on track. We’ve made it a point to make our plans accessible and easy to follow, regardless of your skill level.


Joseph Truini

Joseph Truini

Our technical construction content is written by Joseph Truini. He is a highly experienced home improvement expert with a wealth of knowledge on DIY home remodeling, woodworking, and various woodworking tools. He has published seven books, including the best-selling “Building a Shed,” which has sold over a quarter million copies. In 2016, his book, “Building Sheds” was released by Taunton Press.

Truini’s work has been featured in a number of national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner. He has also hosted the Simple Solutions segment of the show Today’s Homeowner for 19 seasons.

In addition to his writing career, Truini has worked as a remodeling contractor, custom cabinetmaker, and union carpenter. He started his writing career as Shop and Tools Editor at Popular Mechanics and later spent 13 years as Senior Editor of Today’s Homeowner magazine.

Phillip J. Clauer

Prof. Phillip J. Clauer

Phillip J. Clauer is a highly regarded Professor Emeritus in Animal Science, specializing in Poultry Science at The Pennsylvania State University.

Known for his immense knowledge in Embryology in the Classroom, Poultry Judging, Purebred and Exhibition Poultry, Incubation, Small Specialty Poultry Production, and General Poultry Production Management, he has an illustrious career spanning over forty years.

His roles have ranged from educator and advisor to coach and significant contributor to initiatives like the 4-H Youth Poultry Program and the Poultry Science Club.

Part of the Craftcamp Family

Easy Coops™ is proud to be part of the global brand Craftcamp, a leading platform empowering creativity with expert DIY plans. As a member of the Craftcamp family, we share the same commitment to providing high-quality, user-friendly plans and resources for DIY enthusiasts worldwide. Visit Craftcamp to explore a wide range of creative projects and plans.

What Sets Us Apart

We take pride in crafting the most comprehensive, user-friendly chicken coop plans in the market. Our solid foundation of over 10 years in the industry has equipped us with the expertise to deliver top-quality plans tailored to our customers’ needs.

But we don’t stop at chicken coops. We’re also your go-to resource for DIY shed plans, bringing the same level of commitment and attention to detail.


certified Autodesk Inventor professionals

Certified Autodesk Inventor Professionals

Our team of engineers, who are certified Autodesk Inventor professionals, are driven by passion and dedication. They pour their expertise into every plan, ensuring each one is thoughtfully curated and delivers nothing short of excellence.

Join us in our mission to provide chickens with a safe, comfortable, and loving abode. With Easy Coops™, your dream chicken coop is just a blueprint away.

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