Delivery & Refunds

Digital products acquired from our website

Our products, which are bought via a card of access or items which are eligible for download (e.g., eBooks), are possible for a return. In order to receive a refund, the customer has to supply their unique order ID and give it to our customer care services. Refunds will only be provided if the product has been purchased within a 60 day period.

Product and its Delivery

Once we receive payment, our product is delivered instantly, after receiving of payment.

Product and Non-Delivery

In the case of email issues due to an email provider or a personal mail server, an email delivery may not be received. If you have any issues with receiving your product via email, please contact our customer service. You must submit your claim of non-delivery within 60 days of your purchase, which would be thirty days from the date in which you placed your order. If you do not do this, your product will be deemed as delivered and downloaded correctly.

Technical issues – download errors, opening errors

The possibility may arrive in which you might have technical issues in regards to downloading an item, or opening up a file from our company (e.g., a PDF file). It is highly recommended that you use the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC in order to correctly open our products. If you have an issue with opening a product, you must submit your issue within thirty days. Failure to contact us during this thirty day period will create an agreement by you that we may assume your non-contact about any issue to be a result of a correct and successful download regarding our product you have purchased, with no pursuance of a refund because of an issue with your download.


Regarding security, our company has executed professional security measures to prevent any issues of loss, incorrect usage or modifications of the products and information under our company umbrella. The orders from our website are processed from a secure server (SSL). The details of your credit card will never be compromised or emailed.

We do not keep any information regarding credit cards on our business server. The process and storage of any credit card information that is used to buy products or services from is on Clickbank risk-free servers.

The shopping cart software includes solutions to merge with monetary payment services. Secure forms are coupled using SSL security encryption and are either companies the payment support or hosted by the the domain where the shopping cart application is installed. When the payment service professional provides the payment web form, it is protected simply by SSL encryption as a result of the payment services web site. Customer details such as name, email address, and phone number might be saved when sales are processed in the shopping cart software.

When a monetary payment service is used so that you can process orders, bank card numbers, expiration schedules, and security unique codes are NOT saved throughout the database.

If you have any issues with our Shipping and Refunds Insurance policy, please contact us at: [email protected]