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Product Details

Product Name: 15 Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans
Affiliate Payout: 60-75%

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15 Easy Chicken Coop Plans by EasyCoops™ is a digital product, available for download and containing directions for 15 step-by-step plans that teach how to build chicken coop of various designs and sizes. Our product comes as a complete system that can be provided to eager consumers that desire to purchase a chicken coop, without spending hundreds of dollars on one that is already put together from a store.

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Think Building A Chicken Coop
Is Hard?
Think Again…
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Build Your Very Own Chicken Coop
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Here are the four user testimonials you can use:

Testimonial #1

If you’re looking for easy to follow directions for building a new chicken coop, this is a must-have. I knew nothing about how to build a coop, but thankfully Easy Coops makes it simple to understand what materials, sizing, and design I should use to build a new coop for my chickens. Not only are the designs practical, but they’re also easy to customize if none are exactly what you want to build. The possibilities are endless if you’re building a coop with the guidance of Easy Coops.
I now have peace of mind because thanks to Easy Coops, I know that my chickens’ coop is well-insulated for maximum warmth, with a great lighting setup. After using the instructions, I’m convinced that you won’t find instructions with this much detail and advice anywhere else. Everything from how to prepare for the arrival of your flock, to the final details of the design are included in this guide. It even features suggestions on how you can use items you might already have to create your new coop, which was extremely useful during the building process.
I’m so thrilled with the outcome, and thanks to Easy Coops I now have a safe, comfortable coop for my chickens. I’d say they’re just as satisfied as I am! “

Lucy Edwards – Beginner Chicken Farmer – Kentucky, United States 

Testimonial #2

As someone who doesn’t know much about building, this was a lifesaver. Thanks to Easy Coops, I was able to build a creative new coop for my chickens. With the previous coop, I worried that there wasn’t enough insulation, and that it might’ve been uncomfortable for my chickens. When I noticed it seemed drafty and cold, I decided I need to build a better coop in order to properly care for my chickens. And now, I have no worries about the coop I built using simple step-by-step instructions from Easy Coop. I was concerned that the instructions might be tough to follow, but they really do make it as simple as possible. With recommendations on how to choose the right coop layout, suggestions for what materials to use, and how to utilize the land space you have available, this guide covers everything you’ll need to know as you’re building your coop. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who needs to build a simple new coop, anyone who wants to build a high-quality coop, or newcomers that don’t know much about raising chickens. There’s so much important information included, and it only cost a small fraction of the price of buying a new coop. I was considering giving up on building a coop and purchasing one, but I’m so glad I chose to give Easy Coops a try instead!”

Gail Smiths – Farm Owner – Idaho, United States 

Testimonial #3

This is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to build a comfortable, sturdy coop for their chickens. Not only are the plans easy to understand, but the instructions are easy to follow. Building a coop has never been simpler for me – and after many years of raising chickens, I’ve never been able to build one like this. It explains everything you could need to know about what specifications are right for your coop, which building tools and materials you should use, and more. I would’ve never thought of some of the ideas and details included in the instructions.
Although I’ve had problems with my previous coops, I don’t have much doubt that this one will be easy to maintain. And more importantly, it seems to be extremely comfortable for my chickens. Part of successfully raising chickens is making sure their living space is cozy, and I feel confident that they’re comfortable in their new coop.
If you’re an experienced farmer who’s tired of unreliable coops like I was, I recommended Easy Coop – especially if you’re trying to avoid spending a fortune on buying a new coop. I saved myself so much money by purchasing Easy Coop, and I was able to build myself the perfect coop that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Robert Thomas – Farmer – Illinois, USA

Testimonial #4

“As someone who’s struggled with keeping my chickens safe, I appreciate how secure and sturdy my new chicken coop is after following the guidelines by Easy Coop. Their safety is my priority, and I had some incidents in the past thanks to the poorly constructed coop I used to have. But now I have peace of mind, knowing that my chickens are in a much safer coop. It’s also warm and well-insulated, which was another concern that I used to have. Easy Coops made it simple for me to build a coop that’ll keep my chickens happy, safe, and healthy. The instructions weren’t hard to follow at all, which would make this a great product for new chicken owners or someone with years of experience such as myself. So much important information is included, even details such as how to tell if your hens are healthy, how to maintain the climate in the coop, and more. Even though I’ve had a lot of experience with raising chickens, I still found the information to be very useful and accurate. I also appreciated how there were so many options to choose from, and none were limited to the specifications. I was able to customize the coop plan I chose, to make it slightly more suitable for my land space. I’ve never had much success in building anything, but I’m extremely pleased with my finished coop. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a little bit of guidance for building a chicken coop!”

Gail Adams – Farmer – California, USA

E-Mail Swipes

Subject: Be Self-Sufficient! Build Your Own Coop Today! 
Subject: Fresh Eggs from Your Own Chicken Coop! It’s Easy! 
Subject: You Can Do It! Your Own Eggs Await!

When’s the last time you made something completely by yourself?

When’s the last time you were self-sufficient?

If you have trouble remembering an answer to either of these, why not think about it over breakfast? Better yet… why not start with breakfast?

Rather than go all the way to the supermarket for your morning eggs which could have who KNOWS what kind of chemicals sprayed all over them, you could just go straight to your backyard!

Easy Coops can direct you on how to build your own chicken coop for even the most humble beginners. It’s SO EASY it’s even in our name!

Chicken farming is a cool hobby, it helps cure depression, and best of all ends up saving you money over time with how many eggs you can get!

Easy Coops gives you EVERYTHING you’ll need to know, from accurate measurements to most efficient material cost, to step-by-step directions. With one book, you will be a fully capable chicken coop architect.

Even the most bumbling baboon will be able to follow these directions. If you can build a Lego set, you can build one of our chicken coops. And unlike the plastic toys, you’ll get more practical use out of this when you fill it up with beautiful chickens.

Feeling uncertain and want to try your hands with a basic starter setup? No problem! We have small chicken coops which are only 3’ x 4’ for maximum space efficiency and can hold up to 5 chickens. Even this coop offers impressive amenities like a hinged hatch for easy egg acquisition and a window to ensure your precious pets get their necessary sunlight.

Feeling ambitious and want to jump right in so you can start cranking out a mind-scrambling number of eggs? Our 39’ x 19’ chicken run contains a whopping 56 chickens with a weatherproof rooftop and multiple access points for feeding, cleaning, and egg pickup. Even though it’s a massive marvel to the chicken gods, it’s still easy to build!

So what are you waiting for? Instead of spending all day typing on a computer, put your hands to some real use! Build a chicken coop that will impress your friends and gift them fresh eggs from your chickens that will make them jealous (and hungry)!

Easy Coops is full of simple do-it-yourself plans to allow you to build your own chicken coop quickly, affordable, and with minimal waste.

So what are you waiting for? You can order the digital download and be on your way to a stunning, self-made chicken coop immediately.

You can do it! Start now!


Subject: Need a New Handmade Project? Try Easy Coops! 
Subject: Eco-Friendly and Economical Chicken Coops You Can Build By Hand! 
Subject: Do You Want Free Eggs? It’s Over-Easy to Do It! 

Hitting a rut in life and need a new project you can be proud of?

Did you ever think about picking up a cool new hobby that will make you self-sufficient?

Building your chicken coop is a fantastic way to utilize your hands in a meaningful way to construct a home for raising chickens. You’ll come to love the adorable, easy-to-care-for pets which can provide you with your own daily, fresh, organic eggs right in the comfort of your own backyard!

It’s earth-friendly, simple, and you can start TODAY!

With Easy Coops, the entry barrier is practically nonexistent.

One digital download provides you with do-it-yourself plans to build a fully functional chicken coop where you can keep anywhere from 5 to 55 egg-laying chickens in a low-impact, sustainable, backyard barn.
Don’t scramble to find blueprints that might work! All our plans list the exact materials and measurements needed ahead of time with absolutely minimal waste. They also all feature predator-proof designs to protect your precious chickens from raccoons and foxes.

Every coop also has proper ventilation incorporated so fresh air makes its way in and pushes the soiled air out. This humane design saves your chickens from any possible diseases or from overheating. Keep them comfortable and happy, and in return, they’ll provide you with eggs for a long time to come!

We have simplified the instructions down to a science that needs no scientists (or master woodworkers) but provides enough details that you’ll have every angle covered. You won’t need any complicated power tools or degrees in engineering with this guide.

With 15 different styles of coops to choose from, you’ll be able to pick out one specifically to fit your needs. If you have a small yard and want to try your hands at a beginner coop, you can easily build a 3’ x 4’ house for maximum space efficiency which can hold up to 5 chickens.

If you want a massive 30’ x 15’ walk-in chicken coop which can hold up to 50 chickens for plenty of roaming, look no further! With just a few clicks, we lay out all the instructions you could possibly want.
We’re SO certain you’ll love your new Easy Coops designs that we’re offering a total money-back guarantee! You have 60 days to get a complete refund (and you don’t even have to pay shipping and handling).
So why wait? Start yourself on a do-it-yourself project that is both ecologically friendly and economically sustainable. You’ll save the Earth by providing an animal shelter in your own yard and save money by gathering free fresh eggs every morning!

Get Easy Coops today and you can have your own eggs within a week! Sign up now and build a chicken coop you can be proud of!


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